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US VetWealth is unique amongst military financial services firms because though we obviously deal with money, we are not about money; we are about opportunity, leadership, and service. Where traditional financial services firms will advise you to focus on retirement, here at VetWealth we understand that veterans are unique amongst Americans in that we have a passion for service in all that we do. That’s why we join the military―to serve our country. We all inevitably transition back out of the military, but that doesn’t mean that our passion for service goes away. Far too many veterans return to the civilian world and try to make themselves fit into the civilian work force and are not happy because they are not serving. They’re not serving the American people, and they’re not serving their own gifts and passions.

One thing about US VetWealth is that we believe that what incentivizes people is opportunity, and there's never been a better opportunity in the history of the human race than being a veteran in the United States of America right now. But if you haven’t positioned your money correctly, most veterans can’t and won’t take advantage of the opportunities they have in front of them.

The Idea Behind US VetWealth

The idea behind US VetWealth is a new way of looking at post-military life financially. Veterans have access to a tremendous amount of taxpayer-funded benefits that nobody else in the world does, but most don’t understand them and are not using them correctly. We’re not being good stewards of the taxpayer dollars. We’re not keeping this money in the financial portfolios or budgets of our service members and veterans and their families.

We were taught limited and outdated theories about how to handle our financial futures. Veterans are suffering the side effects of financial planning theories and military benefits programs left over from the 70s and 80s. Our guidance has been derived from the least innovative and most corrupt industries led by greedy knuckleheads on Wall Street and K Street. These theories are old and misguided. They are bad for Veterans, and they are bad for America.

On the other hand, used properly, the assets veterans have access to can help position transitioning service members to not just have to get a job with a paycheck, but to actually create opportunity for themselves.

That, in a nutshell, is what VetWealth does: we show you how to maximize your financial benefits so that you can enter post-military life with confidence, purpose, intent, and intention.

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