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Jerome Amos was born into a lower-income, blue-collar family of eight kids. Amos started working at 11-years-old and knew he had to pay his own way through school for a better life. Amos decided to enlist in the U.S. Air Force and left home for Basic Training four days after high school graduation. During the first day of Basic Training, he was placed in charge of a flight of 52 airmen. He graduated top of his class from the Aircraft Electrical Training School in Chute AFB, Illinois. At his first duty station, he was given the title of supervisor of the swing shift after only two months. On his second duty station, he attended remote classes at a local community college as part of the Air Force Community College program. After being promoted to Senior Airmen, he attended and graduated from a non-commissioned officer training school. Amos was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. In total, Amos served five years, one month, and one day.

He gained a lifetime of experience that helped him to better understand how to balance family, friends, and career.The chief quality that Amos loved about his active duty was the service family. Each service member has a role to play that is part of a bigger picture to work together towards a common goal. Every veteran supports each other because no one else can truly comprehend deployed without the support of one’s family.

Amos has spent the last 6 years of his career with Comcast NBCUniversal as a Senior Software Developer that requires him to code/format or craft designs for the stakeholders. Amos’ position on the software development team helps to shape the public-facing part of NBC News Digital. He started with in December 2015, right before the kick-off of the Presidential Election, and moved to,, and Recently, his position has been refocused to work with the NBC News and MSNBC News Diversity and Inclusion team.

After working in the e-commerce industry as a freelancer for companies, such as Chanel, Molloy College, Benefit Cosmetics, CKOne, Cablevision, David Yurman, and Levi’s Jeans, he joined NBCUniversal.Amos also currently supports the Comcast NBCUniversal Veterans Network NYC Hub as the group leads to meet its goals of supporting veterans, veteran families, and the military community.Amos resides in Long Island, NY with his wife, Cindy, of 32 years.

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