Recipe By: Samantha @samanthalillian

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1 Pizza crust.
   I used a can of Pillsbury pizza crust but your favorite pizza crust will do.
1 8oz box of cream cheese, room temp if possible
1 packet of ranch dip seasoning
Chopped broccoli
Chopped cauliflower
Thinly sliced carrots
Optional: shredded cheese

The amount and type of veggies is up to you!  I personally like to add sliced yellow or orange peppers as well.


1.Prepare pizza crust as per instructions.  Once baked allow to cool complete.
2.While crust is cooling, chopped veggies into small bite size pieces.
3.In a bowl mix together your cream cheese and ranch seasoning together, set aside.
4. Once crust is cooled, spread cream cheese mixture evenly. 
5. Add your veggie toppings and optional cheese if you’d like.
6. Cut your pizza and enjoy!

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