A simple letter. An act of kindness. We support our veterans.

Veteran Pen Pal Project
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By: Christina Etchberger, Founder of It’s a Military and Veteran Pen Pal Project

It’s a Military Life is so excited to welcome you all to Veteran Pen Pal Project!

What is a VPP?

A VPP is a Veteran Pen Pal who is willing to send letters to veterans as a simple act of kindness to support our veterans!

Below is our Veteran Pen Pal Project info card to share out to people interested in becoming a VPP! Feel free to print out as two-sided quarter sheet handout (post card style), and share out to your family, friends, and community members.

Everyone is welcome to participate! Are you a school, church, club, FRG, scouter, or group of volunteers wanting to give back? This is the place for you!

Please invite family and friends to our Facebook group! We would love to grow our community.

Want to become an Ambassador?

Want to be a VPP Ambassador? Review the details below. You still get to have all the fun of being a VPP (Veteran Pen Pal) just with a little extra flare!

Click the link below to join Veteran Pen Pal Project, and mark ✨AMBASSADOR✨. More information to come. Stay tuned!

Are you a veteran or know of a veteran facility interested in participating?

We support all veterans:

  • Deployed Servicemembers
  • Veterans seeking Mentorship Opportunities
  • Veterans in Retirement Communities or Assisted Living Facilities
  • Veterans in Hospice Care (We Support Veteran Last Patrol)
  • Spouses of Veterans
  • Servicemembers seeking a Veteran Mentor

Please email Christina Etchberger at christie@itsamilitarylife.com to get started!

Want to be a Partner or Sponsor for Veteran Pen Pal Project?

Who Can Be a Partner or Sponsor?

  • Small Business
  • Nonprofit
  • Platform or Public Figure
  • Volunteer Organization
  • Church
  • Community Group

How Can a Partner or Sponsor Get Involved?

  • Share Information about Veteran Pen Pal Project on Social Media or the Website of the partner or sponsor
  • Refer our project to people seeking volunteer opportunities
  • Donate when applicable to project needs or events: postage, cards, care package materials, or related services

Veteran Pen Pal Project appreciates your generosity and will list all of our partners and sponsors on our web page at Veteran Pen Pal Project.

Holiday Event:

Send letters to our troops! Link here to learn more.

Click here to learn how to send letters to our deployed soldiers this holiday and into the New Year!

Contact our new partner, Letters to Soldiers Club (LTS Club), via email at
to learn how to send your card or care package to our troops overseas!

Find some of our favorite care package and deployment platform must-haves here!

Please visit our Facebook group for event updates! Sign up for our monthly newsletter here!

Your Fellow VPP,

Christina Etchberger 💌

1 thought on “Veteran Pen Pal Project: Send a Letter to a Hero!

  1. I will not be able to be a pen pal after all. Please notify whomever to remove my name and email address. I regret I am not able to participate.

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