It's a Military Life is a military spouse and veteran network that advances resiliency, promotes community involvement, and forges meaningful relationships. IML has served the military community through several events and programs since 2020 including partnering with numerous organizations and businesses in an effort to support all facets of the military community such as health and wellness.

Streamline Teams is The Swim Coach Network. We developed a platform for coaches to network, learn from each other, and help each other be successful! Our mission is to connect coaches to coaches globally. Our content is giving Swim Teams educational resources created by coaches, for coaches. We are honored to host ARMY West Point Swimming & Diving this week on our platform for both a blog feature and Instagram & Facebook story takeover!

West Point takes over social media! From doing a virtual tour of campus, athlete interviews & more! You can find us here to follow along: @streamlineteams.

Head Coach Brandt Nigro wrote a blog for Streamline Teams on the tradition & importance of family at West Point. Read more on the blog here.

“When you think about the college experience you think about athletes being on their own for the first time in their lives away from home. This has a deeper meaning here at West Point. Our cadets are also learning how to manage this time away from family to prepare them for future deployments they will face in their military careers.

One of the ways our cadets help to create a feeling of family within our team is through cooking for the team. They will make meals for each other after practice and take part in the Army tradition of “Leaders Eat Last” making sure their teammates have all eaten and have been served before sitting down to enjoy their own meal.

As a staff, we try to create opportunities to allow our athletes to be around our own families. We strive to do team outings and bring our own families around the team. Here at West Point, we want to set an example for them on family leadership in addition to team leadership. One of the ways we did this last year was for Thanksgiving. COVID created some challenges, and our cadets were unable to leave campus for the holiday. Our staff reached out to each of their families and asked them to send us a small box for each athlete to present to them on Thanksgiving. We wanted to bring “home” to our cadets while they were away from home. As a team, we are family away from family!”

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