Author: Melissa Aguirre – E-RYT500, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist – Mel Marie Yoga

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention to purpose without reacting; it is a process of breaking out of the matrix. We get so caught up and weighed down by the doing, the getting, and the going. Mindfulness lives in the moments where we choose to pause, step back and notice our experiences. From the awareness we draw in those moments, we step back into the flow of life with more autonomy to curate the now-moment experiences that create the tapestry of our lives. 

5 tips in allowing life to happen FOR you vs TO you:

  1. When discomfort arises- notice it as curriculum. Take inquiry. What is this teaching me about love? What is this teaching me about compassion? What is this teaching me about my own power to see it, feel it, and offer grace to it? This is the art of transmuting discomfort into wisdom and power.
  2. Breath. Take a big breath to inhale thinking “I am loved.” Exhale “I am loved.” Pause and notice.
  3. Practice affirmations that make you feel good, such as “I am an attractor of blessings” “I am the author of my own experiences” “I am whole and mirror wholeness to others”
  4. When you find yourself in a hurry- take a breath and exhale it out. Ground back into your body and then respond to your circumstances with more clarity, grace, and presence.
  5. Trust. Practice trusting. Maybe you map out experiences in your life that were challenging but ended up working out for the best. Maybe you give yourself permission to say I love you when it’s vulnerable. Maybe you say a prayer surrendering your fears. Find ways to practice trust (not dependent on others but dependent on YOU- it’s about you anyways)

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