Are you new to the military life?

Maybe you are a spouse that has experienced a few deployments, and the more recent struggles of living away from family and friends?

Or, are you a more seasoned spouse that has seen it all?

I want to know my audience, so I can hopefully make your military life experience an even better one. Please answers the questions below, and share a little about yourself:

How many years have you served as a military spouse? In what branch, and where have you be stationed?

Tell me a little about your experience so far!

What kind of material would you like for me to write out that is relatable to you?

Looking forward to learning more about you!

4 thoughts on “Where are You at in Your Military Experience?

  1. Hello, my name is Stacey and I’ve been an Army Spouse for the last 25 years. I’ve been blogging at Duffelbagspouse travels is a travel blog geared to past, current, and future military spouses and their spouses.

    Our goals are very similar. I concentrate on travel tips, wellness, and maintaining a healthy home while serving the country. I do this by reminding spouses of their value and how integral we are to our military member’s success– without forgetting our independence. I highlight weekend and day trips from military installations around the world, personalized itineraries, and building community in an environment that is transient every 2-3 years.

    • Hi, Stacey! I am so happy you commented on our post and your blog is fantastic! If you are interested, I would love to interview you for our #sundayspotlight next week. Let me know what you think! Message me on FB @itsamilitarylife or Instagram @itsamilitarylife. So excited to learn more about your platform!

  2. Hi! My name is Amy and I’ve been a military spouse for 10 years ( half way to retirement !) My husband is active duty Army and right now we’re on our 4th duty station. I actually enjoy moving every few years. The chance to explore new places is always exciting . Of course for me I the down side would be having to look for new jobs every PCS , being away from family , and with my kids just knowing that they have to start over every time with school, friends , and activities. But military kids amaze me so much in their resiliency. Professionally I’ve always worked with kids. That is were my passion lies . Finding ways to support children in all areas .

    • Hi, Amy! Thank you for sharing your story! We are Army too and it’ll be five years May 2021, so we are definitely newer to the military life. Ten years for your family and definitely halfway to retirement! I really like your positivity, and we feel the same way. So fun to experience new places and people!

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